The Ugly Truth

Our world is consumed with labels that define what is considered “beautiful” and what is not. TV, magazines, movies, social media…the list goes on and on. The media holds so much power in our lives that we are unconsciously brought up to believe these horrid labels. But what everyone really needs to be reminded of is that we are all unique, and we are all beautiful.

I am no stranger to feeling unworthy in a world consumed with looks; the feeling sucks and should not occur as often as it does. I feel that if society’s extreme expectations were to be focused on more than just looks, we would see a considerable change in the way people view themselves. Today, if you do not necessarily fit into that “beautiful” category (typically tall & lean/looks the media favors & publicizes) it is common to view yourself as inferior, resulting in low-self esteem which can end up leading to self-damaging outcomes. Therefore, focusing on more than just looks would be extremely beneficial to our society.

So listen up world!! Let’s alter the meaning of beauty to one from outward appearances to one of inward. Start placing greater emphasis on health and character, which ultimately works towards a less self-absorbed, more desirable world. Make everyone feel accepted and make everyone feel beautiful.


My Story

Welcome!! My hope for this blog is to advocate a healthy diet as well as inspire young women (or whoever might be reading) to love yourself through thick and thin. Unlike most lifestyle blogs that are also dedicated to this, I hope to give y’all someone to relate to, someone to share your journey with, and someone who doesn’t leave out the hard parts. First off, let me tell you my story…

About a year ago my family and I made a substantial change to our diet. We committed to eliminating processed foods and instead focused on eating all organic/natural foods. I began to develop a passion for healthy eating and loved everything that came along with it!! I noticed that I felt exceptionally better when I ate things that actually fed my body (vegetables, fruits, whole grains) rather than the packaged junk I was used to eating on a regular basis.

I began to read up on many blogs that were dedicated to healthy eating (which many of them are very helpful don’t get me wrong) however, I was always looking for something relatable. Most of them offered tips, recipes, and fun food finds but were not very applicable to the average person, nor did they elaborate on some everyday struggles people may have with eating healthfully. Therefore, I want to offer y’all a blog based on my life (what I eat and the struggles that I go through) in hopes that you don’t knock yourself down for not living up to extreme expectations. Because let’s be real…who hasn’t overeaten, or been stuck in a place where there isn’t any great options as far as good, healthy food goes??? The answer is NO ONE. Do NOT think you are the only one, and do not beat yourself up when these things happen.
On this blog you can expect: food diaries (the good, the bad, and the ugly), inspirational pictures and quotes, food and restaurant finds, posts related to balancing a healthy lifestyle, and whatever else comes to mind!!!
Hope y’all enjoy!